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    Bascolin Dlla152p1454 Fuel Injector Nozzle

    All kinds of Fuel Injector Nozzles priduced by China Balin.

    China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacture and export of diesel engine parts, including interrelated products, plunger, nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor, nozzle holder, Common rail valve and so on. 
     If you are interested, welcome to inquiry.

    More detailed, contact Vivian,
    Tel: (+86) 594 2650550     
    Cell/What's app: (+86) 137 99690614
    Web: /
    Skype: vivian.vivian50
    Company E-mail:

    Below are some of products in the market:
    DLLA150P1285 DLLA134P422 DSLA146P1571
    DLLA140P518 DLLA152P941 DSLA146P1572
    DLLA138P402 DLLA148P694 DSLA146P1579
    DLLA150P602 DLLA142P418 DSLA146P1632
    DLLA150P59 DLLA152P452 DLLA144P144
    DLLA150P585 DLLA143P96 DLLA155P657
    DLLA158P456 DLLA146P166/ DLLA150P757
    DLLA152P285 DLLA135P250 DLLA154P674
    DLLA144P184 DLLA137P553 DLLA158P438(834)
    DLLA155P274 DSLA155P276 DLLA140P001+
    DLLA155P275 DLLA148P229 DLLA134P301
    DSLA135P468 2122717 DLLA155P872+
    DSLA145P311M DLLA150P39 DLLA155P302
    DSLA154P1028 DLLA155P15 DLLA168P426
    DLLA158P730 DLLA144P830 DLLA150P545/
    DLLA146P140 DLLA138P403 DLLA168P1006
    DLLA158P729 33877 DLLA150P586
    DLLA145P504 DLLA150P119 DLLA155P456
    DLLA140P643 DLLA142P731 DLLA140P628
    DLLA152P571 DLLA150P916 DLLA140P1144
    DLLA147P658 DLLA140P637 DLLA150P901+
    DLLA150P177 DSLA153P820 DLLA143P894/
    DLLA155P74 DLLA155P84 DLLA152P335
    DLLA155P230 DLLA148P408 DLLA140P1181
    DLLA146P154 DLLA144P1170 DLLA150P943
    DLLA160P25 DLLA150P847 DLLA150P1120
    DLLA155P66 DLLA142P87 DLLA150P1163+
    DLLA155P67 DLLA148P915 DSLA142P1074
    DLLA160P85 DSLA152P1282 DSLA142P895
    DLLA150P9 DSLA152P1428 DLLA152P531
    DLLA150P145 DSLA145P1136 DLLA150P943+
    DLLA155P306 DSLA146P1457 DLLA150P1120+
    DSLA145P265 DSLA145P1251 DLLA154P596+
    DSLA128P523 DSLA142P1353 DLLA150P1120
    DLLA155P114 DSLA140P1188 DLLA150P848


    Phones: 86-594-2650550

    Ad type: Offer

      Injector Nozzle    Fuel Ijector    DLLA152P1454    Bascolin Dlla152p1454 Fuel Injector Nozzle



    Bascolin Dlla152p1454 Fuel Injector Nozzle
    Bascolin Dlla152p1454 Fuel Injector Nozzle

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