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    Delphi Type 9050-191l Head Rotor

    Brand new and High quality BASCOLIN Diesel engine parts. if you need it, please feel free to contact me.

    China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer in diesel engine parts. With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical. And our quality of products is in the same class with other overseas famous manufactures.
    The customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit.
    If you are interested in any diesel injection parts, please contact us.
    We really hope we can start business.

    Below are some of products in the market: 
     7123-340W 4/9.5R DPA
    7123-345U 6/9R DPA
    7123-909T 6/9L DPA
    7139-130T 4/9L DPA
    7139-235G 3/8R DPA
    7139-360U 6/9R DPA
    7139-709W 3/9.5R DPA
    7139-764S 3/8.5R DPA
    7139-764T 3/9L DPA
    7139-92Y 6/10R DPA
    7180-572Y 6/10R DPA
    91Y 6/10R DPA
    908V 6/9.5L DPA
    7180-600L 4/7R DPA
    7180-650S 3/8.5R DPA
    7180-647U 4/9R DPA
    7180-611W 3/9.5R DPA
    7180-613W 3/9.5R DPA
    7180-655L 6/7R DPA
    7180-668W 4/9.5R DPA
    7180-819U 4/9R DPA
    7180-965L 4/7R DPA
    7180-977S 3/8.5R DPA
    7183-125L 4/7R DPS
    7183-156L 6/7R DPS
    7183-165L 4/7R DPS
    7183-129K 4/7L DPS
    7183-136K 4/7L DPS
    7185-114L 6/7R DP200
    7185-196L 6/7R DP200
    7185-197L 4/7R DP200
    7185-913L 3/7R DP200
    7185-917L 6/7R DP200
    7185-918L 4/7R DP200
    7189-376L 4/7R DP200
    9050-191L 4/7R DPA
    9050-228L 4/7R DP200
    9187-210A 3/7R DP200
    344W 4/9.5R DPA
    641L 4/7R DPA
    645L 4/7R DPA
    698U 4/9R DPA
    800L CI 4/7R DPA

    Contact Vivian
    SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
    TEL: 86-594-2650550  CELL: +8613799690614
    FAX: 86-594-2660550
    WEB: /



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      Head rotor    rotor head    DELPHI head rotor    9050-191L    Delphi Type 9050-191l Head Rotor


     Nova Scotia

    Delphi Type 9050-191l Head Rotor
    Delphi Type 9050-191l Head Rotor

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